Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tour of my Craft Space!

Hello crafty friends!
Today I'm going to take you on a little tour of my craft space.
This is a Computer Armoire that I have converted into a craft space. I bought it on craigslist for $75!
What a steal!!!! I wish I had a lot of space and money to have a dream craft studio.
I'm just not that lucky. I have a small corner in the family room.
I have searched for ideas to make the best of the space that I have and now let me show you...

This is where I keep my Big Shot and all my dies. I keep them in a small CD holder, I need another one. I found this one at the dollar tree. :)
All of my loose ribbon goes in the cookie jar. That ribbon bag just didn't work for me, my ribbon was always smashed wrinkled and always getting stuck. Now I use the ribbon bag to hold all of my rolls and packaged ribbon from Wild Orchid Crafts. The card boxes under my ribbon bag are full of Wild Orchid Crafts Flowers.. I have 5 more card boxes behind there, too. :)
Under the Ribbon jar I have a bin full of chipboard.
In the first drawer I keep envelopes, packages bubble wrap.
Second drawer is misc tools.
Third drawer has more dies and ribbon.
I got these trays from Michaels in the clearance section for 3.99. I keep my scor-tape and dimensionals, gluesticks, glue, tape, photos, journal cards, printed quotes, washi tape, flair buttons and anything else that get's loose.

In the swin out door I keep my Scrapbook, Magnolia Mini Album, watercolor paper, cryogen, Copic Xpress paper, cutter, I have another 12 x 12 paper holder in there, too. Here's the 2 punches I use most and my crop o dile. All of my other punches are in a beach basket on the side of my armoire.
The plastic case all the way to the right has all of my brads, eyelets, charms and other small embellishments. That pink mini file holder has all my images that I have stamped or printed and haven't colored. They are organized by manufacture.The bucket tin has pens, pencils, glue, scissors..
The drawer that are opened have all of my flower soft. The bottom drawer has my bow easy, and other stencils.
Here's my sprays and stickles.
The drawers have my glitters and sparkly fluff.
Ahh, here's my Copics and Refills! :)
Oh, and smooch spritzers.
Then I have my journals and notepads.
Distress inks and other ink pads.
My Studio Calico Project Life Kit.
The other containers have my wood veeners, bakers twine, hat pins and other misc large embellishments.
The blue bin has all my scraps, pink and purple bin both have ppatterned paper. On the side of that I have clear boxes of cards. All of the photo boxes have my stamps. I store my Magnolia's in baggies by collection.
That first wicker basket has cards, second has paper pads, ones I don't really use or out of season.
The pink basket has what's left of my stampin up stamps.
My pink tote has more totes and containers that I'm not using.
I got these hanging storage pockets from the dollar tree. I have all of my packaged embellishments in this one. The snap file folder has all of my Alphabets. Below that is my mini white board.. so I know what needs to be done. Looks like I'm caught up... yeahhhhh right!!!
After storing all of my packaged Embellishments and stickers in my hanging pouches I was like well now what am I going to do with my clip it up. So I use it for all of my 6x6 paper packs. It's heavy, but works great! Beside that I have a small wicker basket with the cards I've made recently. Under my clip it up is my mega paper cutter.
More stickers and embellishments on this door.
 When I'm done I stick it all inside...
...and close it up.
Here's the view I have while I create. :)
I hope you enjoyed my craft space and I was able to give you some ideas.


Juls said...

What a fab use of space!! U are so well organised, thanks 4 sharing!! Hugs Juls

ellyscard creatief said...

What a lovely place to craft.
Very compact and organised.Thanks for sharing.
Gr Elly

NGCARDS said...

I really enjoyed the little tour of your craft space! :) xxx

Susi said...

Thank you so much for showing your crafting place. At home I've also so less space. Now I've seen how I can solve my space problem.

Andrea said...

What a great space and so organised thanks for giving us the grand tour hugs Andrea x

Liz said...

What an excellent use of space! And my god, how organised! This has given me some ideas of how to store things, so I'm so glad you shared. It looks really well done!

Sinikka said...

I always thought that you had a very big room......but this shows to be creative you don't need a lot of space. I love your craftspace and everything seems in to reach.
I did see some great ideas. Thanks for sharing this bit of private chapter.
Hugs Sinikka

Sinikka said...
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Exclusively by Mel said...

Wooo that is neat, It's great to see where all the magic happens. I so agree with Sinikka!! it realy does show that you don't need all the bells and whistles to make amazing projects!
And that view is to die for.
Love,Mel. xxx

Maryann Laursen said...

What a great tour Mindy, and you certainly used your space well. I love it´s all soo neat and easy to overlook all in one place. I was soo lucky to get a big studio here last year, after been working this way earlier too, and sometimes I really think, I got lots more done back then, cause now i HAVE SOO MUCH SPACE i FEEL i SPEND A LOT MORE TIME LOOKING FOR THINGS, AS WE ALWAYS GETS MORE THE MORE SPACE WE HAVE AND IT MAKES IT HARDER TO FIND, WHAT YOU NEED AND EASIER TO FORGET SOMETHING YOU HAVE TOO.

Deborah said...

Wauw, you are really organised! And I love your view!!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Mindy, what fantasic use of a small space. You've organised it so well. Thanks for the tour, gives us ideas too. Kate x

Nina said...

wow - how well organised your space is !! Thanks for the tour.

have a great week

:-) Nina

Hanneke said...

Wow, i love how you found a place for everything in this armoire!! My supplies are mostly stacked in storage cupboards but I don't really have a workspace so I need to clean everything up after crafting. Hugs, Hanneke

Ann Marie Governale said...

Oh my.. I cannot believe just how much and how organized your storage unit is... I just love it! I never thought of using one for organization like that.. I have a small one floor ranch and so this idea is perfect for when I move from the "converted garage" craft space to a bedroom... one day! I also LOVE the idea of using the clip it up for the 6" pads.. Looks incredible.. I wish you many more hours of creativity and inspiration in your new space.. I think it really does make a difference. xxx Ann Mare

Ruth Ann Hunter said...

Love all the pic's of your craft area. You are so organized and you have given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures. I too have a beautiful view of our mountains while I am crafting. hugs, Ruth Ann

PEA said...

Mindy, It is perfect and so organized. It makes me think I over kill. You have only a few supplies but you use what you have. That is the key:)
Thanks so much for sharing

Jean said...

Mindy absolutely great space you made out of your little computer armoire. Who would have thought. Only you could have done that. I have a large room filled with all kind of cabinates, drawers, closet, shelves, everything imaginable, and still don't make cards anywhere as pretty as yours. Wish I could give you my room and then you would have all the room you need. I remember when you were in the apartment looking for a bigger place. Long time ago. You have sure come a long way and done a lot of good things!! Keep going and you will go places.
Hugs, Jean

Diane.W. said...

My kind of Luvly :) x

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Amazing what you have managed to get into your perfect little space I love it wish I could find something like this over here. There are craft storage units similar but no where near as good as that
jacqui x

Unknown said...

Wow. I have about the same amount of space but with a normal desk. I will be on the lookout for one of those. Amazing!! Lou x

Lou said...

Hi! your crafting space is amazing,sooo much storage Mindy and everything close to hand :)).That view is lovely too,love the mountains.
hugs Lou.xx

KraftyKim said...

How organised and in what looks like a small space. It has made me think I need to re-organise my workshop. I am lucky to have a little crafty cottage in our garden for my craft space and now feel I could do so much more with it. Well done and happy crafting!! x

Sam said...

Great craft space, very organised and tidy :)