Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teacher Gift Idea - Celebra'tions!

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and there's nothing better than a little coffee gift set to give to your child's teacher! 

I've made this adorable little gift set using Richard Garay's Celebra'tion by Spellbinders.
I have used 2 stamp sets for these projects. They really compliment each other well. The coffee set is called, 'Cup for two'. The other set is a combo die and stamp set. I just LOVE how convenient that is. The stamp set is called, 'Sweet Treats'.

Notice the depth of the heart on the card? Well, I took the Celebra'tion's Pierced Hearts Die set and cut the heart from the cup. Then I took the same heart die and cut out a heart in the cup with the words on it. I used foam dots to pop up the piece of card stock with the blue cup on it. and then I put the heart with words on it in the center of the cup but gluing it down to the blue piece of card stock.

Anyone who loves coffee would love this little gift set. 
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Unknown said...

Love this! Amazing as always!!!! Hugs!

Unknown said...

Stunning gift idea for the teachers!! I love the packaging and the card. Stunning work.

LauraEva said...

I like that!!!Great job!

Unknown said...

Goodness my God!! I've been worshiping Milt Kahl, Andreas Deja and Glen Keane for a very long time and I never knew who did some awesome escenes at Prince of Egypt, Sinbad and Spirit! I must tell every one of my companions to Mr. Baxter!well done did a good job anazeem

khsagar1 said...

Great job.........please continue
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