Friday, September 12, 2014

My Little Crafting Space Tour!

 I've had these photos for EVER!!!!
I can't believe I never posted these.. of course I have all my crap in there and I'm in need of a good de-stashing, now! So I can't show you how I have everything organized in there.. Another day!

My ever so talented Uncle built this for me! We designed it together and I watched him build this masterpiece in my garage in the course of a month in a half.

I've been crafting for 8 years now and it sure is amazing I can still stay this condensed. I forget things I have in here.. I can't imagine having an entire room of stuff!

I ♥♥♥ my Armoire! It's about 6 1/2 feet tall and over 5 feet long. ♥

Here it is......

Here's a photo of the Computer Armoire I had before ...

I have peg boards on each side of the doors. To hang all my goodies.
Those brown rails are for my punches.
My little cubbies are for my markers.

The bottom doors open and I have paper slots for my patterned papers. I had them categorized by seasons, events etc. But have recently started separating them by manufacture, for my Design Team purposes.

I have a pull out desk, with folding legs that come down, although they are not down in the photo.


 You see that chair in the background... I have decorated my armoire in these colors because I love that chair! I also have painted a wall that same mustard color. So it all ties in with my chocolate colored couch! I'll get some more photos up! I have a tiny little house but I love it so much and have worked so hard for it and everything inside.
Thanks for visiting today.


Unknown said...

So Cute!! You're so lucky to have such a talented Uncle. Now we need to see an updated photo on how your filled it up.


Fantastic Mindy would love one of these just got get hubby to make me one and just love the colour's
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Unknown said...

Wow, what a fantastic space. Perfect! said...

Wow Mindy that is AWESOME post a photo of it filled for us all to oooh and ahhhh over even more!

Sandra H said...

"WOW" Thats gorgeous x

Baukje said...

Wow that is amazing what a clever uncle and you for designing it.
x Baukje

Ribbon Girl said...

Hello Mindy - what a talented pair you are, that's fantastic, great design - you can get an entire craft room in one piece of furniture, marvellous! I especialy like the paper storage in the bottom of the unit, the container on the inside of the door is a great idea. Happy crafting - what's your Uncle working on next? hugs Mary x