Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day CANDY!!!

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Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine's Day.
 I have some candy I'd like to give away for Valentine's Day.

To enter you have to leave me a comment telling me your most memorable Valentine's Day ever, become or be a follower and post my candy on your blog.

Good luck everyone! I can't wait to read all the stories!!!

I'll post a winner on Friday Feb 17th


Kim said...

I am hoping that this Valentines day will become my most memorable :)

Hugs Kim

Yvonne B said...

Hi Mindy

What a cute stamp.
I like your site to look, but my english is not so good so when I want to give you a compliment, I must first translate the machine there for him.
I would like to join this Candy
I put your candy in my sidebar

good luck with the candy

Shime said...

The most memorable Valentine's day was 14/02/2009 when my boyfriend made a proposal to me. He bought 51 rose and lighted candles and made a gift - proposal ring with 5 diamonds :) And of cause i agreed. We are married 2,5 years and i hope to celebrate this date tonight.

mae said...

Hi Mindy, I'm your 1617th follower and I LOVE your work. As a beginner, your are such an inspiration to me.

My memorable V-day ever was in college when my sweetheart Sam (now my hubby) and I started dating. We planned to have a simple Vday picnic under the pines tree for our "date" right after we play tennis. But right in the middle of our game, rain just started to pour like crazy. The nearest shelter we could find was the scoring hut in the middle of the tennis court. It's also where we placed our stuff (a bag of books, reports, assignments, and everything else that should stay dry). The scoring hut is really small, just enough for 1 person. But we managed to squeeze in and keep ourselves dry until the rain stopped. Even though we had to postpone our Vday picnic, we still spent Vday together, cuddling in a tennis scoring hut!

Happy Valentines Day!



Chrissy said...

Hi! most memorable was my husband trying to be romantic...bless him..he bought flowers and hid them in the boot of the car to give to me....but Valentine was in 2 days time, so can you imagine the state of the poor flowers, but it gave us the best laugh....


alethea said...

+Each year spent with my two boys on Valentine's day makes it memorable!! We always have a special meal together, their choice!!! Thanks for a chance to win!! HUgsxx

sylvia said...

Happy valentijn to you!
What a sweet candy lovely!
I like to join it
My memorable valentijns day...
Once my hubby supriced my with a tullips
But this morning my little son came to me with his arms open wide en he wanted a big hug....
And my daugther made me a beautiful letters ,
So I will not forget this valentijnsday
Hugs to you

Yvonne B said...

oops I forgot my most beautiful memories.
That was my first valentine's card.
It was really a surprise and also very exciting because who sent my a Ccard To this day I do not know who it was, but it remains a nice memory

Unknown said...

I got to say this Valentine's day although I got it a day early. My hubby stood in line for an hour at Walmart to buy me Breaking Dawn, and then today while going to the post office he brought me a dozen red roses and a card that brought tears to my eyes! It's great to be loved so much :O)

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that this Valentines day will become my most memorable becouse it's my first Velentines with my boy :) so I hope he will come to me and we will spend this day together. he lives far away from me, so each day I can see him is huge happines for us.

Hugs from Poland :)

nettie53 said...

Hi Mindy,

Every dag is for my Valentine's day.
We are maried 37 jears and I enjoy every day!!

Have a nice Valentine's day,

Marika said...

Hi Mindy

Thank you very much for the chance to win this beautiful Magnolia stamp. I would really love to add it to my 2 Tilda team.

The valentines day that will always be my favourite is probably 14 Feb 2003. The reason being that that was the last day of me being a single lady..... Yes we got married on the 15th of February 2003. I was so excited that day, all the preparations for our wedding was done and I was being pampered to my hearts content. We only saw each other the morning as we both had a few things left to do and as tradition dictate we were not allowed to see each other again until I came walking down the isle the next day. That was the most memorable valentines day ever, at least for me.

So on that note, "thank you hubby for the best 9 years of my life". Tommorrow will be our aniversary and I must say that we are just as much in love as what we were 9 years ago, if not more.

Thank you for reading my little "story".

Have a great day.

Hlora said...

Very nice candy! I wish I had it but I have not a chance even... The point is that my hasband does't worry to give any nice and funny lovely gifts on Valentine's Day. And this morning he did not remember of this holiday even. I prepare always the lovely gift for him and he takes it as a tribute, if I ask him what did he prepare for me - his answer is *I am the best gift myself*/// So, every time I wait he will change his mind for this holiday and I will get at least a card, but nothing.... for last 25 years. I am really unhappy in this day.

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
today is my most memorial day hun.
this morning my hubby went to a diverend country to get a tube out of his lung and that they repear his lung from the inside, i hope now he's there, that there will be new lung's for him soon, but i also hope that he's back on thursday then i will be 40, or else i have to travel 1 1/2 hours to celebrate my birthday there
so i hope i will have a good chance to win this adorable stamp sweetie
thank you so much for the chance hunni, it's already linked
hugs angelique

Larisa said...

wow! it is cute!
happy valentine's Day!
One I received from my partner a cup fulfil with heart-shaped candies, and that was so sweet!))) Love this romantic holiday!

Charlotte said...

Hoi Mindy!

My boyfriend and I never officially celebrate v-day. Although I make hime a nice card every year there is nothing great to tell.
BUT in 2009 I was in UK for 5 months for my studies, my boyfriend never send cards but that V-day he did! I was really suprised!

NGCARDS said...

Thanks for the chance to win this cutie of a stamp!
Considering I have been single on every valentine's day I would say my most memorable is when I was a child and a boy I had a crush on gave me a heart shaped lollipop! lol
Hope you have a lovely day!

Moni said...

So cute image and would love to be the lucky winner. :) My memorable Valentine was 10 years ago when my boyfriend (now hubby) proposed me :). It was so romantic of him, he gave me little diamante ring. And from now we have a gorgeous little 5 year old boy!
Thanks for the chance. Hugs,Moni

Country Mouse said...

Happy Valentine's Day! My most memorable Vday : a few years back my hubby sent me a "purple ensemble" of Valentine goodies...purple roses, a purple heart box of chocolates, and purple balloons. We've been married 24 yrs an d every year he surprises me in a new way. :)
I love following your blog and have enjoyed reding everyone's stories. Great idea!

Rosalee said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Mindy. My most memorable Valentine's Day was the first year I got married 4 1/2 years ago. All the couples in our community gathered together for a huge wonderful banquet, We had such a wonderful time. And the fun part is we will be doing it this year again. This evening to be exact. I'm so looking forward to it. Thanks for the chance.
Hugs, Rosalee

Jennifer Scull said...

what a fun stamp! I'm already a follower....
I remember the year my hubby and 3 sons covered the hallway coming our of my bedroom with hearts of different colors, all with something special written upon them. as I woke up, I was greeted with over a hundred beautiful hearts telling me Happy Valentine's Day. I sure felt loved! :)

have a wonderful day!

Ardilla said...

No memories here as Valentine's is something new for my culture... now with internet everybody celebrates it!
The stamp is gorgeous and would love to win it :)

Steph Ackerman said...

This is probably my most memorable Valentine's Day. You see, it is also my birthday and my Mother's birthday. Unfortunately she passed in June so I'm just thinking about her today. I really miss her and today makes it especially hard.

Unknown said...

happpy valentines day

Heart on Google and a love and intimate poem for your valentine.

yvon said...

Hi Mindy,

Today my kids, 14 and 11, got me a gorgeous picture-frame with a hearth and some chocolat. Unless the fights we allways have they thit this for me. That's Valentine's Day for me.
Love them.

H said...

My most memorable valentine was in 1972 I was in hospital. My son(7years) was at scout camp and when he came back first he walked in the heat to the hospital to wish me happy valentine , he had dirty hands and half wilted flowers, to me that was the most beautiful bouquet I ever got.
I will never forget that
Hugs harma

Vivi Casale said...

oh, how sweet of you to offer a candy! thanks for the chance!

My memorable Valentines day was 2 years ago when my Hubby was unemployed so he could not get me a gift, but he managed to make a bouquet of quilled red roses (I make quilled flowers sometimes and had quilled roses in the box) and Hewrote a really nice love letter to me!!


Loz said...

Memorable? Huh.. my DH doesn't even get me a card! Truthfully Feb 13th is more memorable for us - as we first went out 14 years ago, now married for almost 8, baby 4 on the way and still agree that roses are nice.. but they just die! He did buy me some vanilla slice from the bakery when he got some bread for lunch - that was very unexpected, and delicious!! Hope you have a great day xx

paperpapier said...

nothing much that really significant happened on Val day...just the usual eating out at restaurant.
Thank you for the chance to win this candy.

Unknown said...

Hi Mindy,
thank you for this oportunity to win this gorgeous prize.
My best Valentine Day was 6 years ago because I come at home from the hospital with my son Leonardo that was born on the 11th February.

scrappinpeg said...

My most memorable has to be last year during 2011. My son's family had just been stationed int he Navy in Hawaii. Shortly after arriving my DIL fell in a parking lot and broke her ankle really bad. So a call was sent out for HELP! They needed someone to come and stay till she was better. So I packed my bags with excitement and flew out the next day. I got to spend the next 2 months with my family and really got to enjoy my grandsons. Valentines Day fell while I was there as well. My hubby sent flowers to me there as well. It was one of my best Valentine's day ever...... Awe paradise..... Thank you so much Mindy for a chance to win the adorable candy!

Kelly said...

One year the kids and I stayed in FL and my hubby in MN as we were separated for a while due to his work. He came off the plane to visit us and gave me a huge box of my favorite handmade chocolates. mmmm and just to have him for Valentines Day and a few weeks was heavenly. I will try to get the candy on my blog as I seem to have problems adding to the bar lately.

Suzi Mac said...

Edwin Cherub is so so so cute Mindy. Thank you for the chance to win him. I don't have a great Valentine story for you sweetie. My dear Hubby is not a romantic, he is a very loving man but romantic gestures befuddles him. lol.
Suzi x

Sinikka said...

This is a very sweet stamp and it is great to offer this candy. I don't have any memories of valentine.....isn't that sad????
Hugs Sinikka

Melvin said...

Hi, my memorable Valentine day was on 1991 when my son Kenny was born. He was a beautiful baby and my special Valentine's gift from my wife. He is right now 21 and he is a special person.

a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

Hi Mindy. Thanks for the chance to win this cute candy. Maybe i will get lucky as you choose a winner on my birthday. My most memorable valentines day was when I was married to my ex husband. we first kissed during a scene in the film Ghost and the music in the background was unchanged melody. On Valentines day we both bought each other this video, the exact same Love CD and a small cup cake. We laughed as we exchanged gift before giving each other a kiss. Those were the happiest days of my life.

Love your blog and all your beautiful creations. You are an inspiration to me.

Belated valentine wishes
hugs Julie

carol said...

Hi mindy

It's not so easy to tell you about my memorable valentines day because I'am still single
But my beatifull valentines day is every day that I can share with my friends and familie


Anonymous said...

Sooo gorgeous and so yummy! The tag is beautifully colored too. I made one of these a couple years ago, might have another go -thanks for the inspiration sweetie! hugs, Angela