Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pictures from CHA!

Hello everyone! I didn't take very many pictures. I was too busy chatting away. I did get a few, I dont like the way I look in most of them. I honestly take awful pictures, plus I need a better camera. I wanted to bring my big Canon, which is what I use to take pictures of my cards, I didn't have enough room in my purse. So I had to bring my crappy camera!

I got to the Hotel around 4:30 and checked in. Angie and I shared a room my first night and her last night. The room was beautiful we were on the 21st floor. Which is at the very top! There was a beautiful view of LA...

Once again this camera sucks, the white area almost in the center of the top of the hill, is the Hollywood sign.

Here's mine and Angie's room. I actually took these photos on my last night..

When I first arrived to drop off my stuff in the room, Angie put some goodies on my bed. She gave all of us M&Ms with Tilda's on them and they say Magnolia Mini World.. and they are PINK, white and purple.. and PINK!!!! :) LOL She also gave me a beautiful box and filled it with some stamping goodies, stuff I've really been wanting for a while!! You are the BEST Angie thanks so much!!

After the Convention on Sunday night we all rode the shuttle to the JW Marriott and me and Angie went to our room to get ready for dinner. We went to Wolfgang Puck. It was DELICIOUS!!! Angie, Suzanne, Diana and I all got the sea bass, I never had it before, I loved it!

Here's me and Suzanne on the left side of the table, Diana, Angie and Sheila on the other side. Barb was taking the picture. We would have asked the waitress to take all of our picture but she was having enough difficulty just bring our food and drinks.. as it was we had to ask twice for things before we got them :P

We got back to our room a little after 11:30 and Angie and I talked for hours! I think it was after 2:30 AM before we decided to ty to go to bed.. then we were up before 6. We went downstairs for breakfast before she left :(

This was us at breakfast..

We had so much fun together.. I really didn't want her to go :(

Here's some pictures from Monday at CHA.

It goes Me, Barb, Diana, Lisa (in the back) and Sheila!

Here's me in front of the Mini Magnolia World booth. I should have checked my pictures I wish the whole banner was in the picture.. :(

After I ate lunch I walked over to the Stampavie booth to meet my DT pal Michelle from my Just Magnolia DT. It was so nice to meet her and chat for a few minutes. The Stampavie DT samples were amazing. A real treat to see in person.

I colored most of the day with Barb, once I came back from lunch it was time to color with Suzanne for a couple hours. Her coloring just blows me away. It's AMAZING!!!

While me and Barb were coloring we kept noticing our markers acting up so we went over to the Copic booth and I met Marianne Walker. She's so sweet and showed me how to do a "tune up" on my markers! Barb and I both got lessons! :)

On Monday night Barb, Lisa and I went to Trader Vic's for dinner. We had a lot of fun chatting about our blogs and design teams. Tons of fun!

Tuesday morning I woke up and met Diana, Roy, Barb, Shelia and Valerie(who I didn't get any pictures with :(  ) We met for breakfast and headed over for the last day at CHA.  Barbro, the owner of Magnolia Sweden came over to the booth and Diana introduced her to me. It's such a pleasure to meet her. I never thought I would. So here's Diana, Barbro and me. :)

It was so great I had so much fun! Diana has asked me to go to CHA next January in Anaheim next year! I'm so excited. I'm counting down the days already! Next year I will take better pictures and more of them. There's so much I didn't take pictures of, I was having so much fun in the booth with my Magnolia-licious family I didn't want to leave them!

Have a great day I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip!


Christina C. said...

Fabulous pictures....thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Suzi Mac said...

That was a lovely post to read Mindy. Wonderful pictures (you looked fab in them) So glad you had a nice time and now you've got something else to look forward to next year.
Suzi xx

charlene said...

Great pictures and I am so glad you had a good time ! Thanks for sharing with us. Mindy you are azmaing with your coloring also.

cathylynn said...

WOW! I really appreciate all the pictures that you posted. It was so good to see other pictures of our Magnolia and blogger family. Even though I've never met any of you it still feels like family. So glad you had a great time and a safe trip home! Hopefully everyone else has a safe trip home too! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Cecelia said...

Great picures Mindy! Looks like you all had a great time! Jealous,

Your friend,
Cecelia B

stephanne said...

That is really cool Mindy!! Those views of L.A!!! How gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your CHA adventure with us!!

Sandy said...

Great pictures Mindy - thanks for sharing!

paola said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time, wish i can also come to CHA, perhaps in my next life. Thanks for sharing all your good times, a few people in your pics that i would also love to meet.

Sinikka said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. Looks like you had a lot of fun.
Hugs Sinikka

Only By His Grace said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures Mindy. You all look like you had a wonderful time.
Love the photo of you and Angie together.
Hugs Maz

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us Mindy! Sounds like you had an amazing time! hugs, Angela

Sheri said...

Loved the photos of you gals! How fun! I saw you there but didn't want to sound like a staler..;)
If you get a chance could you share with us all how to do that tune up on our markers? Mine get ...all funny sometimes too. :)