Friday, June 27, 2008

Stampin' Space!

Since my last post I have moved and I am so happy to say we found a house 3 bedrooms and a den so I have my Stampin' Room! I'm sure I will be doing lots more to this little space it's about 6ft x 14ft. A cozy lil spot! Here are some before and after pictures of what I have done so far.


Julie Edmonds said...

Hi Former Lil Sis,

I'm SOOOOOOO thrilled for you!! I LOVE your new Stampin' Space! and just in time to add some fun to your walls with the Decor Elements!!

Enjoy Your New Space!

Marilyn said...

This is a wonderful stamping space - so excited for you!! It is so much easier to stamp when you have your own little room!!! Now all you need is one of those new Decor Elements - the "Create" on your walls!!

Kathy W said...

I liked the photos of the progression- too fun! Enjoy the space.

I tagged you, check my blog for details

Marilyn Goodrich said...

Love your new stamping space! I love seeing before and after pictures. I usually forget about taking the "before" until the "after" is complete! ;)